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Team Foundation Server Agile Rollover Utility
This is a command line utility used to rollover incomplete work from one sprint to the next.
The tool has both interactive and silent modes, allowing you to select individual teams to rollover work for and output those settings to a configuration files. It also optionally allows for stored credentials or user-mode passthrough (for task-scheduled automatic rollovers).


The utility also has a side function for being able to export full team definitions to XML however the import options is currently broken and unfinished (I can't find any API/Object Model support for programmatically creating and populating teams).

The utility uses a combination of web api calls, tfs object model calls and direct configuration database SQL queries (read-only).

Commandline usage (Interactive Mode):
agilerollover.exe /collection:<url>

Commandline usage (Silent Inline Mode):
agilerollover.exe /collection:<url> /teams:<team1>,<team2>

-Optionally specify /username:<username> and /password:<password>
to use an account that can connect to the Data Tier and is a TPC Admin

-Export settings after a successful rollover with /o:<filename>

Commandline usage (Silent config file mode):
agilerollover.exe /f:<configFileName>

Experimental Functionality:
Export selected teams without rollover using /exportTeams /f:<filename> option.
(Importing teams is currently broken and disabled in source)

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